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Bloomington Council To Move Forward With Five-year Plan

Nora Dukowitz
City of Bloomington

Bloomington Finance Director Patti-Lynn Silva will help the City Council take the next step in developing a five-year Capital Improvement Plan. The CIP could include plans for roads, sewers, sidewalks, and other infrastructure.

Silva will show aldermen a finance and debt overview during Monday's council meeting. The presentation looks at how the city is doing financially and what the future holds for funding new projects or improvements to existing infrastructure. Council members will have time to discuss the issues, but they will not be asked to approve anything during this step in the process.

City Manager David Hales compiled a list of capital projects listed in Bloomington's master plans and other proposals in July to give the council an idea of how much it would cost to pay for everything. The city would have to spend $336 million to fund all projects, but the goal is for aldermen to develop a balanced plan by choosing priorities for the next five years.