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Renner: Far East Subdivision Low Priority For Infrastructure

Michael Hill


Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner agrees with some council members who say that the city should focus on older neighborhoods before newer parts of town when it comes to sanitary sewer and storm water infrastructure. Aldermen met Monday to discuss the five-year Capital Improvement Plan.

The city is under contract to spend more than $1 million on sewers at The Grove subdivision on the far east side of town. During GLT's Sound Ideas, Renner said the city is stuck with spending that money based on the contract that can't be renegotiated.

"This was a bad agreement," he said. "This is something I would never have signed, I would have vetoed as mayor, [and] we would never have gone down this path."

However, Renner said that the contract doesn't put a timeline on building the infrastructure. He said they don't have to put it in this year's budget or next year's budget.

"We can say [to the developers] 'Hey, we've got other things. We need to fix sewers that are currently posing serious problems to citizens in our older, historic neighbors, older parts of Bloomington, and we need to do that before we put in sewers for people who don't even live in houses you haven't even built yet'," he said.

If The Grove becomes a low priority for infrastructure, Renner said he expects the city will hear back from the developer.

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