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Aldermen Tweak Citizen Review Board Proposal

Jun 19, 2017

Alderman David Sage argued the proposal for a citizen review board is a solution in search of a problem, and not needed.
Credit Charlie Schlenker / WGLT

A solid majority on the Bloomington City Council favors creating a citizen review board for police complaints.

There's less certainty about one provision community groups are pushing. Alderman Joni Painter said during a council work session it is an absolute no go for her.

"I was with you right up until the deal where you want people convicted criminals to serve on this board. And you are so adamant about it. That just makes no sense to me at all," said Painter.

Painter said community groups would not accept police officers on the board. She asked why police should accept felons. She said for the panel to succeed in restoring trust between police and citizens it must be a level playing field.

Other Aldermen suggested compromise language of seven years since a conviction, or using language limiting it to non-violent felonies.

"I don't know that I want to see somebody that's a convicted killer who has just been released be on the board. But, only by the grace of God do I probably not have something on my record from earlier days," said Hauman.

The draft ordinance also requires people of good reputation and character be named.

The Council also explored taking a bigger role in the appointments such as requiring a two-thirds majority vote for approval of mayoral choices or reviewing the pool of applicants.

The proposed ordinance will come to the council in July with revisions.

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