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BFD Chief: Diesel Spill Reaches Creek, No Danger

Aug 21, 2018

An overnight diesel spill at a Shell gas station in Bloomington contaminated a nearby creek.

The City of Bloomington has closed the intersection of Oakland Avenue and Four Seasons Road until the spill is cleaned up. Bloomington crews worked Tuesday on the creek to the east of Arcadia Drive, between Oakland and Lincoln Street.

Bloomington Fire Chief Brian Mohr said a gas pump was hit overnight, causing diesel to build up in the parking lot and eventually reach the creek.

“There has been some diesel fuel spilled.” Mohr said. “We do have the fuel contained. It has reached the creek. We have it diked and we are containing that spill.”

Mohr said the best thing residents can do is avoid the area until the cleanup is complete.

“There is no danger at this point in time just because we are out in front of it,” Mohr said. “... The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is in route, also we have cleanup company that’ll be coming in to clean up the spill. So, although there has been fuel spilled, the fuel is contained.”

Mohr said the time of the incident is not known, so there is no indication of how much diesel reached the creek.

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