Bloomington Council Agrees To Drill Water Supply Wells, Co-Sponsor Bike Race | WGLT

Bloomington Council Agrees To Drill Water Supply Wells, Co-Sponsor Bike Race

Jul 25, 2016

Credit Judith Valente / WGLT

The Bloomington city council  unanimously agreed to drill water supply wells around Lake Bloomington and Lake Evergreen. At a cost of $170,000, engineering firm Baxter and Woodman Inc. will drill into the St. Peter Aquifer

Bloomington Water Department Director Bob Yehl said the city's water is currently coming from Lake Evergreen, as Lake Bloomington's water currently contains high levels of nitrate. Alderman Karen Schmidt said these new wells will also protect water levels for residents in surrounding communities who rely on private wells for their water source. 

"I think what we're looking at now is a source of water that is so much further deep, that we have the opportunity to honor their source of water, as well as provide a good backup for us" said Schmidt.

If the wells produce water, Bloomington would have a more diverse water supply of both ground and underground water, ensuring enough water for an increased population in the future. 

The City of Bloomington is now officially a co-sponsor of the 2016 Bloomington Criterium. Bloomington Aldermen also passed a resolution during their Monday night council meeting. This year is also the State Championship for the Criterium. The event draws in experienced bikers from around the country to ride on a pre-determined trail throughout downtown Bloomington. The Criterium was formerly held in Bloomington in the 1980's. Alderman Karen Schmidt said the event isn't as popular as it was back then, but she sees a lot of potential in it for the future. 

"It's got a lot of legs so to speak in the biking community. People love to come and race in downtown Bloomington, with the Center Street hill, and the curves, so we wanted to just pump up that excitement and really make people want to be out there and bring people into downtown Bloomington again" said Schmidt.

 The Bloomington Criterium will take place August 27, and participants can win over $5,000 in prize money.