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Chestnut Board Chooses New CEO

Nov 16, 2017

Chestnut Health Systems has chosen its new CEO.  

Dave Sharar
Credit Chestnut Health Systems

Current Chief Clinical Officer Dave Sharar will take over as CEO on Jan. 7 when Russ Hagen retires after several decades with the not-for-profit health agency.

Sharar also has a long tenure at Chestnut. A statement from board Chair Judy Smithson indicates Sharar's experience in many of the lines of business and that the leadership skills he has exhibited over 29 years are valued.

Chestnut is a diverse human services organization that operates in 150 countries. It has substance use disorder, mental health, consumer credit and employee assistance programs, as well as a research arm.

Chestnut also operates two federally qualified health centers in Bloomington and Madison County.

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