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CIRA To Do Runway Rehab

Sep 15, 2016

Credit CIRA

The Federal Aviation Administration is giving the Central Illinois Regional Airport about two million dollars to rehab runways.

Airport Spokesperson Fran Strebing said there will be night work and the project may begin yet this fall.

"It's sixty eight acres or forty six miles of pavement we're talking about here. It's no small project to do and it will take some coordination, obviously to have the work done at the same time we are staying open and operating," said Strebing.

Strebing said much of the surface of the runways dates to either 1996 or 2006. Work will include the shoulders of the runways.

"We're not completely recovering it with concrete, but a little more than just regular maintenance. Some crack sealing and smoothing it out and making it as good as possible," said Strebing.

The grant application went in last year. She said the project will take at least two months.