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Connect Transit Presents Plan For Areas Cut Off By New Routes

Jun 14, 2016

Connect Transit staff meets with Bloomington residents.
Credit Michael Hill / WGLT

Connect Transit is asking for feedback on a proposal that would provide limited service to people that will be cut off when new routes and schedules are put in place this August. The plan would provide morning and afternoon service during peak times in northern Normal and southwestern Bloomington.

Bob Grimm, who lives in the Fox Lake Subdivision in Bloomington, said the idea makes sense.

"I can imagine that, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, there's probably not too many people out here, because they're either already at work, or they're already home," he said.

Danbury Court resident Marjorie Roberts said this solution is better than eliminating bus service in the area.

"Having at least several buses a day is at least what we need, instead of taking it all away, which is what they were planning on at first," she said.

The transit system heard from riders during a listening session at the apartment complex, located in Bloomington. People will have another chance to talk with Connect Transit officials about the proposals at a session at Prairieland Elementary School. The Board of Trustees was slated to vote on a solution later this month, but officials are unsure if that will still happen.