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Destihl Brewery Expansion Approved by The Normal Town Council

Apr 18, 2016

The Normal Town Council discussed the Destihl Expansion

    The Normal Town Council has approved the Destihl Brewery expansion site plan Monday night. The 6 acre expansion will be located on the East Side of Greenbriar Drive, North of Shepard Road, and will include a 47,000 square foot building with brewing, distribution, and event space. The new facility has the potential to more than double the current brewing capacity of Destihl. Councilman Jeff Fritzen was excited to see Destihl keep their business in the community.

"This is a local story, a local business that has succeeded and feels the need to expand and grow, and they're doing it here, they're not moving somewhere else to do that, they're staying where their roots are. So that's just an exciting thing to see, a good local success story." said Councilman Fritzen.  

The council also approved an agreement to renovate the building on the southside of the tracks that formerly housed Amtrak, and to add a second platform to Uptown Station. The 2.5 million dollar renovation will be funded completely by federal high speed railroad funds, not the Town of Normal's budget. The project does not include the "at-grade" crossing, and is projected to be completed by December. 

Council members disagreed on the North-Land Commercial Subdivision billboards at 900 Greenbriardrive, north of Menards. There are two currently on the site. Alderman Cheryl Gaines said she worried the billboards could feature content that may negatively reflect the town of Normal. Councilmen R.C McBride, Cheryl Gaines and Mayor Chris Koos voted against the resolution. It passed 4-3. Fritzen was among the majority opinion, emphasizing billboards are a useful tool to help guide people through the community.

"It's a commercial area, so I think people should expect to have signs and billboards and the like in  that area. And so I think it's a good tool to promote businesses in the area and help them succeed,  and that's what we want." said Fritzen.

Fritzen said the agreement eliminates the second billboard in five years.