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Durbin Weighs In On Potential Hillary Clinton Presidency

Aug 14, 2016

Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois.
Credit Senate Democrats / Flickr

Senator Dick Durbin has some ideas for what Hillary Clinton should address if she becomes president in January. Democrat Dick Durbin said she should consider addressing a few priorities.

"She needs to deal with the economy, first and foremost," he said. "People are looking for leadership to help create good-paying jobs and help businesses succeed. That's the first thing they expect."

Durbin said other issues, such as national security and defense, could be equally important, if not more important, to address.

"We live in an age of terrorism. It's a dangerous time," he said. "She needs to show the leadership, which she showed in the State Department, and as a senator from New York after 9/11, to recognize that terrorist threat and create a bi-partisan coalition to fight it."

Durbin said he hopes Clinton will have the courage to step up and deal with issues such as student debt and the cost of higher education. He said President Barack Obama did the same with national healthcare.