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East Bloomington Mosquito Pool Shows West Nile Presence

Sep 1, 2016

Credit Mike Mozart / Flickr

A third mosquito pool in McLean County has tested positive for West Nile Virus. County health department senior sanitarian Angie Crawford said, with a probable human case and an expanded geographic area, there's heightened awareness needed with the mostly-cool holiday weekend approaching.

"These are the three mosquito pools we've had a positive hit on but we've also had a bird that was positive from the 61761 (Normal) zip code. We're just saying for everyone to be aware of what's going on with West Nile Virus and to take those extra precautions to protect yourself from mosquito bites," Crawford said.

She said substances with DEET and picaridin make good mosquito repellents.

The two previous positive pools were in the 61705 zip code, but in west Bloomington. The latest positive pool is in the same zip code, but on Bloomington's east side.

There have been 15 human cases of the virus detected statewide so far this year, compared with 77 all last year.