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GLT Datebook: Be An Astronaut

Jul 9, 2016

The Peoria Riverfront Museum lets visitors experience the life of an astronaut.
Credit tableatny / Flickr via Creative Commons

The Peoria Riverfront Museum is sending visitors to the moon and beyond this summer with a new exhibit that allows them to experience life as a space explorer.

  • The exhibit, "Be An Astronaut" was designed with the help of NASA's Langley Research Center.
  • Visitors can take part in several missions, such as visiting the moon, Mars or Jupiter. The missions are fictional, but are completely plausible, and include current NASA technology.
  • The designers of the exhibit used video game technology to draw in visitors, so it's fun, as well as educational.
  • In addition to the whiz-bang technology, there's traditional museum exhibit components, including vintage space toys, plus space suits that were actually on the moon.
  • The exhibit is for kids and grownups.