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GLT Datebook: Chicken Foot Gourd Bowls United Artists

Nov 5, 2016

A pair of artists shared not only studio space but a creative impulse in creating works that are currently on display at heartland Community College.

  • The Joe McCauley Gallery at Heartland Community College is currently showing an exhibition entitled Chicken Foot Gourd Bowls, which pairs the ceramic vessels of Danell Dvorak with the paintings of John Cassidy.
  • Both artists were sharing the same studio space some years ago when Dvorak created her first chicken foot gourd bowl.  The whimsical vessels caught the eye of Cassidy, and he began incorporating them into his paintings.
  • Dvorak says the bowls are not just decorative and are safe for foods or whatever you'd like to display.
  • Although it's not required that collectors buy a bowl along with a painting, the artists think it's great when art buyers acquire both in order to keep the connection going.
  • The show continues through Dec. 9.