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GLT Datebook: Honor, Respect, Remember

Aug 13, 2016

An 80% scale replica of the Vietnam Veteran's Wall is coming to Evergreen Memorial Cemetery.
Credit Austin Kirk / Flickr via Creative Commons

Evergreen Memorial Cemetery in Bloomington  and Cargill have teamed up to host the American Veterans Traveling Tribute Vietnam Wall August 24 - 28.  The wall will be on display at Evergreen along with other historical displays.

  • Tina Crow, director of Evergreen Memorial Cemetery, said this particular memorial wall is an 80% replica of the original Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington D.C.
  • It's hoped that the wall contributes to the healing process for veterans and their families.
  • Wall rubbings will not only be allowed, but encouraged, with materials for rubbings offered at the display site.
  • For those who want to leave a token at the wall, Crow said that's allowed.
  • Also on display will be the Agent Orange Quilt of Tears and the Eyes of Freedom mural.
  • The Wall will be escorted to Evergreen on the 24th, and each evening after at 6 will include a ceremony.