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GLT Datebook: Movie Trivia Is Ready For Its Closeup

Aug 27, 2016

Movie Trivia Night brings out teams thirst for a win.
Credit Twin City Trivia

You can test your movie trivia mettle each Monday night at 7 PM  at Ovation Cinema in Bloomington as Twin City Trivia hosts a movie trivia night for all ages.  Quiz master Pete Moore said the trivia night has a wide range of questions for both aficionados and for the casual film fan.

  • A good team combines die hard film fans, movie news fans and the player who can assess all the answers.
  • A good question, Moore said, is multifaceted  and helps you learn something you never knew before.
  • Hanging out in the trivia section of the IMDB or Wikipedia can help you learn more about films beyond just watching it.
  • Movie Trivia Night includes the chance to good-naturedly heckle those who try and find the answers on line via their phones.  It's brain power only, Moore noted.
  • Moore said trivia is very popular right now because people like a challenge, plus it's an opportunity to go out with friends and family for a night out that doesn't include bar hopping and noisy nightclubs.