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GLT Datebook: "Photograph 51"

Apr 15, 2017

The quest to understand DNA drives the scientists depicted in Heartland Theater's new production.
Credit Mehmet Pinarci / Flickr via Creative Commons

The struggles against sexism in the world of science is at the core of the latest production on stage at Heartland Theater in Normal.

  • "Photograph 51" details the life of Dr. Rosalind Franklin, a scientist working in tandem with other researchers to unravel the secrets of DNA.
  • Don LaCasse is directing this show, which is currently on stage through April 22.
  • Franklin was known to be a difficult but brilliant scientist, and in an age of rampant sexism, struggled for recognition of her work.
  • Heartland Theater is offering a panel discussion about sexism in science with Dr. Cynthia Moore, the science advisor for the show, on April 22, directly after the matinee.

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