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GLT Datebook: University Galleries Highlights Faculty Artwork

Feb 3, 2018

The works by faculty members of the Illinois State University School of Art are on currently on view at the University Galleries.

  • The 2018 Faculty Biennial is up now through Feb. 11.
  • The show includes works from 33 faculty and staff, representing the areas of Studio Art, Graphic Design, Art Education and Arts Technology.
  • Works cover a variety of media, from ceramics to glass to paintings to printmaking to photography and more.
  • There's also a sound installation and a multimedia installation visible from one of the gallery windows, so passersby can view it.
  • Members of the faculty exhibit nationally and internationally.¬† This show is meant to give the Town and Gown communities a chance to see what studio work the faculty and staff have recently completed.

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