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GLT's Grow: Beware Boxwood Blight

Mar 10, 2017

The looks of these healthy boxwoods shows why the plant is so popular. So a blight is most unwelcome, indeed.
Credit djLicious / Flickr via Creative Commons

The serious fungal disease, boxwood blight, has been detected in Illinois, putting thousands of boxwoods plants in danger.

  • Boxwood blight is spread when water that contains the fungus splashed onto a plant, where the fungus then flourishes.
  • Symptoms of the disease include spotted leaves, stem cankers and defoliation.  
  • This spells bad news for the plant as it can swiftly loose leaves and die.
  • Production facilities where infected plants have been found are forced to dispose of the infected plants to keep the blight from traveling further.
  • Consider planting specimens that are resistant to boxwood blight -- like holly, myrtle or viburnum.

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