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GLT's Grow: Fear The Frost

Oct 14, 2016

John's daisy plant has him worried about the looming frost.
Credit John Schattel

Late bloomers can add some delightful color to our yards this time of year.  But a sudden turn in the weather can put the flowers in danger. Patrick Murphy, host of GLT's Grow, said you've got to have your plant in the right space to avoid such problems.

  • John from Charles Town, West Virginia has a daisy plant (pictured) that flowers very late in the growing season.  Concerned for the blooms in case of a frost, he wondered if the plant could be urged to bloom earlier.
  • A plant will bloom will bloom when it will bloom, said Murphy.  You can't set your watch by what a plant will do.  
  • It's the cultural factors that determine how our plants grow.   
  • But there are some things to bear in mind.  A full eight hours of direct sun can help.  Too much shade can cause a plant to bloom later.
  • Soil amendment can help the plant do its best. 
  • Trim branches to remove shade or divide and move the plant to a fully sunny area.