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GLT's Grow: The Games People Play...On The Lawn

Jun 3, 2016

A closely clipped lawn is great for croquet.
Credit William Buist / Flickr via Creative Commons

Our yards can be magnificent temples of flowers, trees and ornaments.  Yards can also be a verdant playing ground for weekend athletes.  You've just got to make sure your lawn is up to the task.

  • If you're playing croquet, badminton,  golf or volleyball, you need to find out what type of turf and how high it needs to be in order to create a great playing field.
  • The tighter the lawn is mowed, the closer to the ground it is, the faster and further the balls will roll, so that's great for croquet!
    Croquet, anyone?
    Credit Ben Tesch / Flickr via Creative Commons
  •  Tightly mowed grass, on the other hand, is bad for sports where you throw yourself bodily around, like volleyball.  You'll want longer grass to provide a bit of a cushion if you crash.
  • Be careful of items in the landscape, like a built in sprinkler system.  Keep your play away from hard elements.
  • Golfers can put with ease with a landscape that has bentgrass planted, rather than traditional bluegrass.