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GLT's Grow: Going To Pot Is A Good Thing

Apr 22, 2016

Plants in pots -- a great way to garden in small spaces!
Credit James Lumb / Flickr via Creative Commons

The lack of physical space should never be a barrier to growing things.

Grow host Patrick Murphy said people living on slopes, in urban areas or folks in townhomes who have little outdoor space can still enjoy planting a small space garden.

  • Your best bet is to use pots.  And don't scrimp on the plants and other materials.  If you only have a little space to fill, you can go all out.
  • Containerized trees and large woody ornamental plants are best for mall space gardening in pots.
    Five out of six cats agree: small space gardening is easier with pots.
    Credit Monika / Flickr via Creative Commons
  • Consider witch hazel, dwarf lilacs or Japanese maples.
  • Annual grasses look great.  Add low vegetation like sweet potato vine, or lemon thyme.