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GLT's Grow: Pine Straw As Mulch

Dec 2, 2016

Pine straw adds an elegant touch to the garden.
Credit psuedo obscure / Flickr via Creative Commons

Ron in Normal has a question for Murph.  having heard the host of GLT's Grow espouse the benefits of hardwood mulch, Ron wants to know if it's okay to use pine straw instead.

  • Short answer:  Yes. 
  • Hardwood or pine straw...really, it's a matter of aesthetics, either is splendid.
  • An organic pine straw mulch will add so much to the landscape -- beauty AND the ability to return organic matter to the soil as it breaks down.
  • White pines are native to the Midwest, and lose their needles each year, so gardeners have an opportunity to repurpose the needles that fall from their own trees.
  • Just make sure your pine tree is not diseased, because you could transfer the illness in the needles to your bedding plants.