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GLT's Grow: Plant A Seed For 2017

Dec 30, 2016

It's time to start dreaming of spring planting....
Credit derya / Flickr via Creative Commons

Gardeners are trapped inside for the winter, and Patrick Murphy, host of GLT's Grow understands that desire to be out in the yard growing things.

  • The best way to deal with winter inactivity is to start thinking about what you want to plant next year.
  • Knowing what you want to plant helps you begin shopping to fill the spaces in your garden.
  • Planting in the ground versus a pot impacts your planting time.  You can start potted bulbs earlier.
  • Spring flowering bulbs should wait to go into the ground until fall.   Put them in the ground too early and they could possibly not survive.
  • Read the label to discover when bulbs and seeds have been prepared for proper season planting.  Old bulbs lose their viability. Germination test results on the label can help you with your timing.