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GLT's Grow: Quieter, Cleaner, and Battery-Powered

Jun 8, 2018

Almost any gasoline tool can be replaced by a more environmental friendly battery-powered tool. What are you waiting for? 

In this episode of GLT’s Grow, hosts Mike McCurdy and Patrick Murphy talk about battery-powered tools and their advantages and disadvantages.

Cutting through cords can be very dangerous and a huge pain for all parties involved. Battery-powered tools have no cords and are immensely more environmentally friendly. Plus, who wants the hassle of cords in an increasingly cordless world?

Some of the downsides of battery-powered tools are time usage. Gasoline-powered tools can be used for longer periods of time and don’t need to be charged. However, batteries do have a lifespan and when they are done that’s pretty much it. When that happens you either need to get a new battery or a new tool. You can bring batteries to household hazardous waste collection events, or several local battery shops.

Just like any equipment you must keep up with the maintenance. Don’t leave them in the hot sun or a cold shed all winter. Make sure they stay charged but try not overcharge them as well. Even though there is some maintenance, it is less than any gasoline-powered tool which requires constant upkeep.

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Editor's note: This story has been updated to correct that Ecology Action Center does not collect batteries. There are several other local options for battery recycling.

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