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GLT's Grow: Saying Farewell To An Old Friend

Nov 25, 2016

It's tough to have to cut down a tree that's been a welcome friend in the landscape.
Credit John Picken / Flickr via Creative Commons

We plant trees, we nurture them along, and we watch them grow through the season, putting down roots in our gardens and our hearts.  So when the day comes that the tree fails, we're faced with a painful truth:  It has to come down.

  • There's a lot of emotions revolving around the decision to cut down a beloved tree, said Patrick Murphy, host of GLT's Grow.
  • If a tree is diseased or is just so old its beginning to fail, it's tough to do, but for safety's sake, it's got to be cut down.
  • A tree that's not brought down can be a threat to property and people.
  • A soft tree, like a willow, can harm people by interfering with water lines, creating an issue that spells doom for the tree.
  • Use a professional to take down any tree taller than about five feet.  If your tree is near electrical lines, that's another reason to call the pros.
  • Console yourself by planting a new tree ASAP.  Have a little ceremony to welcome the tree to your yard.