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GLT's Grow: The Smart End Of A Shovel

May 27, 2016

A good and well-cared for shovel is a valuable tool for a gardener.
Credit Adam Greig / Flickr via Creative Commons

The need to dig comes to every gardener.  But when it comes to wielding a shovel, are we doing it right?

  • There's several types of shovels, such as spades, round point, flat, and grain or scoop shovels.  Round point is popular and handy for everyday piercing the ground, plus cutting and scooping simultaneously.
  • Wooden handles and a stamped forge head shovel is the way to go.  Cheap shovels are never worth your time.
  • You've got to keep your shovel sharp to get the job done right. Put a nice sharp edge on your shovel with a file, a grinder...or somebody who specializes in filing and grinding.
  • Keep a bucket of coarse sand in your garage or tool shed.  After using your shovel, push the head down into the sand to clean it.  Keeping your shovel clean will help it last and help you be a better digger.