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Heartland Community College Expands Lincoln Location

May 29, 2018

Heartland Community College is switching its location in Lincoln.

The move out of downtown Lincoln to Woodlawn Road also expands the site to more than 5,800 square feet. College leaders said they hope this will allow expansion of Certified Nursing Assistant and agriculture programs to serve businesses in Lincoln.
“With the expansion of St. Clara’s Manor and an aging population, there is a high demand for CNAs. Plus, several businesses in Logan County are ag-based. As a community resource, we need to ensure we’re meeting employer needs,” said Kristi Powell, associate director of the Heartland Lincoln Center.
Continuing education and adult education will also be a focus. Administrators said the new place also has better parking, lab space, and classrooms. 
Heartland President Rob Widmer said this will enhance efforts to serve the southern part of the Heartland district.
“By expanding programs focused on specific student and community needs, we’re likely to see increased enrollment, greater student completion and generally enhanced engagement with Lincoln and Logan County constituents,” said Widmer.
College administrators said rent rates for the new space are comparable to the old site, though the new one is much larger and costs $62,000 per year to lease. Heartland said it is securing donor support to help provide new equipment necessary for expanded programming.

Heartland spent $430,000 to renovate the space that opens Thursday.

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