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McLean County Adds 2 COVID-19 Cases; 6 Recover

Jun 8, 2020

McLean County health officials announced two more COVID-19 cases on Monday and said six more patients have recovered.

According to the McLean County Health Department, the county has had 228 confirmed COVID-19 cases, while 199 people have recovered. Two patients remain hospitalized while 14 are isolating at home.

The health department hasn’t provided specific information about the two new cases.

The rate of infection has slowed, with eight new cases in the last week, but McLean County Health Department Administrator Jessica McKnight has said she expects the number of COVID-19 cases will grow more sharply in the coming weeks as more people gather in larger groups, either at racial justice rallies or at newly reopened businesses.



Health educators say they have to spend a fair amount of time combating misinformation about the coronavirus. McKnight said she wants people to understand that a COVID-19 test only captures a moment in time.

“A negative test today really does not mean anything for tomorrow,” McKnight said. “That’s why we continue to encourage people to practice social distancing, washing your hands regularly.”

A diagnostic test may not even detect the virus in the early stages of infection.

“Testing is a piece of it, but it is not all of all it,” she said. “It helps with surveillance, but we don’t wantpeople to just assume that if there are risky behaviors being taken (you couldn’t catch the virus).”

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