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McLean County To Interview 3 Finalists for Administrator

Apr 1, 2019

Two of the three finalists which McLean County is considering for its county administrator position are internal candidates.

McLean County Board Chairman John McIntrye said Monday the finalists are George Koczwara, director of finance and treasurer for Crystal Lake, a city of about 40,000 residents in McHenry County; McLean County Health Department Director Camille Rodriguez; and McLean County Administrative Services Director Eric Schmitt. 

McIntyre said the County Board’s Executive Committee is interviewing the finalists in person on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings this week.

He added the full County Board will get to question each of the candidates during those closed session meetings after the Executive Committee interviews them.

The committee has scheduled additional meetings on April 9 and 11 to review each of the candidates.

McIntyre appointed a blue ribbon panel in January to help review several dozen applications for the county’s top job after County Board member Laurie Wollrab recommended the county hire a consultant to guide the search.

The county’s search committee interviewed five candidates by phone last month.

McIntrye plans to recommendation for the County Board to consider at its next meeting on April 16.

Bill Wasson is retiring as County Administrator on June 1. He announced in November he was retiring after 34 years with McLean County government. He’s been the county administrator for eight years.

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