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Pedro Noguera: Education Is a Civil Rights Issue

Nov 10, 2015

An education activist visiting Illinois State University says children receiving a poor education are having their civil rights violated.  Dr. Pedro Noguera is a distinguished professor of Education at the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies.  He is also a sociologist whose research is focused on how schools are influenced by social and economic factors.  GLT's Jon Norton talked with Noguera via Skype to talk about his research, and how his morality factors into his lifelong passion of ensuring equal access to education for all children.  Norton started by quoting a sentence from his recent book "Excellence Through Equity."

Dr. Pedro Noguera is speaking Monday evening at 7:00 at ISU's Braden Auditorium as part of the Speaker Series at Illinois State University.  His talk is titled “Education and Civil Rights in the 21st Century." Noguera is the author of several books, including "Excellence Through Equity: Five Principles of Courageous Leadership To Guide Achievement For Every Student."