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Photos: New Designs Show Trail East Building

Feb 15, 2019

Designs for the Trail East project submitted to the town of Normal are close to what the developer promised earlier, according to town staff.

The Normal Town Council will consider several variances Monday, including a different design for a staircase tower, a 10-foot setback from College Avenue instead of the usual 5 feet, and other technical changes.

Town staff said the setback on the north side of the proposed structure in Uptown Normal is because of buried water infrastructure and not something the developer itself wants.

The developer is leaving the design of a covered walkway on the southeast side unclear because no one yet knows the condition of a wall at 110 W. Beaufort St. Another building next to that will have to be demolished as part of construction.

Developer Bush Construction also said it planned to make extensive use of cement board on upper floors, but promises those will have different textures and appearances.

Town staff said the $29 million five-story mixed-use building is similar in quality and design to other projects on the Uptown roundabout.

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