Red Panda Cubs 'Totes Adorbs' At Miller Park Zoo | WGLT

Red Panda Cubs 'Totes Adorbs' At Miller Park Zoo

Sep 17, 2019

The Miller Park Zoo has another cute dose of aww for visitors. Its red pandas have had three cubs. The litter has one male and two females, the first time the zoo in Bloomington has had panda cubs.

Red Pandas were once native to North America. There are fossils as far back as five million years. The zoo said their habitat today is in pockets of mountain areas above four thousand feet in China, Nepal, Burma, and Bhutan.

“We’re all looking forward to watching them grow up, and with the species being endangered it is significant from a conservation standpoint,” said Zoo and Parks and Recreation Department Director Jay Tetzloff.

The cubs and their mom are on exhibit. The dad will be introduced to the cubs later, said Tetzloff.

The Miller Park Zoo is also fundraising for a new red panda exhibit as part of its master plan.

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