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State Budget Woes Worrying ISU Faculty, Staff

Oct 28, 2016

Illinois State University's Board of Trustees meets in regular session Friday, Oct. 28, 2016
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Faculty and staff are telling Illinois State University trustees they are stressed and worried about the future of the institution because of the non existent state budget.  

Amanda Smith chairs the Campus Communication Committee. She addressed trustees during their regular meeting at ISU Friday morning.

"Everyone, but especially staff on campus is feeling greater pressure in their day to day duties. The failure of the governor and the general assembly to come to a budget agreement leads to deep concerns for the funding and longevity of this institution," Smith said.

She added the pressure will soon spread.

"With staff having to constantly take on more responsibilities in the face of tougher times ahead, we can expect this anxiety and pressure to be felt by students," Smith said.

ISU has left more than 100 positions vacant as people retire and leave in an effort to save money.

The University took a 70 percent state funding cut in the last budget year and has received only half the usual amount from the state in this budget year.

Public university presidents are asking lawmakers and the governor to make funding retroactive, if they ever do pass a budget.