Three Dead Identified In Riley Drive Shooting | WGLT

Three Dead Identified In Riley Drive Shooting

Jun 19, 2018

Authorities have identified the three people shot to death at 311 Riley Drive in Bloomington Monday afternoon.

Killed were 22-year-old Corey Jackson, 22-year-old Nathaniel Pena, and 33-year-old Juan Perez-Macedo, all of Bloomington.

Police said a 4-year-old boy life-flighted to a Peoria hospital in critical condition is now in stable condition.

Police said they have made no arrests and are not releasing any other details at this time.

People with information about the killings are being asked to contact BPD Detective Tim Power 309-434-2579,, Detective Brad Melton 309-434-2537,, Detective Steve Moreland 309-434-2359, or Crime Stoppers at 309-828-1111.

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