VenuWorks Gets Multi-Year Contract, Craft Beer Production Allowed in Bloomington | WGLT

VenuWorks Gets Multi-Year Contract, Craft Beer Production Allowed in Bloomington

Jun 27, 2016


VenuWorks manages the U.S Cellular Coliseum
Credit Ralph Weisheit / WGLT

VenuWorks now has a multi-year contract to manage the Bloomington Coliseum. At last night’s meeting, the city council approved a 5 year deal for the management firm, which has been doing business as the arena manager since the spring. Alderman Scott Black has been a supporter of VenuWorks, and is excited to see what events they will bring to the Bloomington area.

"I'm very excited for VenuWorks, they've been fantastic to work with so far, I've heard nothing but positive feedback. I think it's going to be great for our community in the long term and the short term" said Black.

VenuWorks has already inked Ice Age live for September and country singer Keith Urban to a November gig. City Manager David Hales said a date for an open house with VenuWorks is still to be determined.

 An amendment to the Bloomington City Code now allows for craft beer production and small business operations in Bloomington. It does not allow for production in residential areas. Alderman Scott Black said this amendment will help remove roadblocks for entrepreneurs trying to open stores in Bloomington's business districts. 

"It's really trying to help out local brewers, that's kind of what prompted the question. So little start-up organizations, it doesn't allow mass-production, but really it's just focused on a very small, key areas to really remove roadblocks and improve our entrepreneurs in our community" said Black.

Black said while the amended ordinance is focused on brewers, it also includes those making and selling other goods such as lotions and candles.