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Wayne Messmer Returns To Illinois Wesleyan University

Oct 13, 2017

Wayne Messmer is an iconic voice in Illinois, serving as a professional speaker, broadcaster, actor, author, and of course, singer. He's also an Illinois Wesleyan University graduate.

Messmer joined GLT in studio Friday for an interview with Jon Norton. Messmer said when he came back to campus he stood on the same spot he stood when his life changed.

"One of my professors grabbed me by the shoulder and specifically said, 'You're fooling a lot of people, but you're not fooling me.' Meaning, do you want to do something with this gift that you have of your voice? Or do you just want to kind of use natural talent and fake it till you make it, or you don't? And he gave me that encouragement that if you want to do something significant professionally, you have to build the right foundation," said Messmer.

Till then, Messmer had been a french horn player. He had transferred to IWU to follow his girlfriend, a violist.

"Doctor David Nott, the director of the Collegiate Choir, he said show up at my studio and we'll start talking. He was the guy man. He kind of put that Vulcan death grip on my shoulder. He was a big guy about 6-foot-6. I showed up at his studio the next morning. I think that's when my life began in terms of realizing the God given gift of the voice," said Messmer.

On Messmer's business card it says Vox Humana. He said he does everything he can to use the human voice: voiceover, broadcasting, motivational speaking, singing, audio books, everything. He is a professional member of SAG/AFTRA and the National Speakers Association. He was the longtime public address announcer for the Chicago Cubs. He is known as the popular “Voice of Wrigley Field” for singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" before many Cubs games, as well as prior to all Chicago Wolves American Hockey League games. Messmer is part owner of the Chicago Wolves.

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