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YWCA Names Liz German President, CEO

Feb 10, 2020

YWCA McLean County has named administrator Liz German its president and CEO.

German has served as YWCA’s vice president of operations for four years and previously led its Young Wonders Early Learning and Youth Development program for nearly three years. She’s been with the YWCA since 2007.

German replaces D. Dontae Latson, who resigned in June to lead a not-for-profit affordable housing program in Denver.

Latson helped raise the organization's community profile by publicly backing various social activist causes, including immigration. 

German said on WGLT's Sound Ideas she believes the YWCA can serve both the social service and social activism components. 

"It furthers the conversation and puts everyone on an evern playing field as far as gonig into issues and understanding them a little bit better," German said. "We've been able to use any negativity to an awareness piece, which I think is always beneficial." 

German said that activism has helped bring attention to some of the programs the YWCA offers to help eliminate racism, empower women and strengthen families. 

"Liz embodies the spirit of collaboration and passion that will lead YWCA McLean County into the future,” said YWCA Board of Directors chair Tiffany Lawson-Grant. “Her commitment to advancing the mission of YWCA is only matched by her ability to forge partnerships that build our community by providing families and women access to needed programs.”

German added she hopes to further bolster the YWCA's education and youth development programs and further expand its partnership with Labyrinth Outreach that helps reintegrate incarcerated women back into society. 

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