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Bloomington High School Turf Bid Comes In Low

Artificial turf on Fred Carlton Field is only part of an $8 million project to enhance the high school and junior high campus areas.

The bid for the artificial turf at the Bloomington High School field has come in about $100,000 under the estimate.

Superintendent Barry Reilly said the bidders were all clustered together as well.

"They ranged from the winning bid to $130,000 between them. There was not a big spread, which indicates there was good interest and competition," said Reilly.

The firm Byrne and Jones Construction of Saint Louis won the work.

"They expect they will finish by March 15. If that does occur, it will allow our girls soccer team to be the first team to use it for contests," said Reilly.

District 87 is moving to artificial turf to make Fred Carlton Field more accessible to many sports and activities that cause wear and tear on grass. The project is part of a larger $8 million effort that will include music room renovations and additions.

Bloomington schools are borrowing for that, but Reilly said the tax rate will not go up as a result because earlier debt is being retired.

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