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Koos Says Progress In Uptown Development, Sports Complex Projects

Normal Mayor Chris Koos.

Town of Normal Mayor Chris Koos addressed two Bloomington-Normal construction projects in the works while speaking on GLT’s Sound Ideas.

Trail Side East

Plans for the new trail side east project in uptown normal are taking longer than expected. But, Koos said staff are now reviewing plans for the multi use commercial building in Uptown.

“Working with the projected tenants on what their space needs to look like and how it functions,” Koos said. “You always get the lawyers involved in redevelopment agreements and there’s tit for tat and back and forth on that.”

Last spring town leaders anticipated making plans public in June. Now, Koos said developers will likely present plans to the town council in September.

Multi Sport Complex

Time continues to tick in a 90-day window to determine how and whether to proceed with a proposed multi sport complex in Bloomington Normal.

Koos says the town has met with a private developer.

“It was really at a high level, get to know them, they get to know us. So, no details came out of that. But, they are very interested in the project,” Koos said.

Koos would not name the development group. He said he thinks the town will be in a “decision mode” for the project in 90 to 120 days.

Koos has acknowledged in the past that the potential 44 million dollar price tag would be a difficult lift for both Bloomington and Normal and would require a public private partnership.

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