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Abraham Lincoln


A new book studying the connections Abraham Lincoln had to Illinois State University is drawing rave reviews.

Historian Tom Emery and ISU alum Carl Kasten created the 280-page book, “Abraham Lincoln and the Heritage of Illinois State University,” that uncovers the untold stories of Lincoln at ISU.

Lincoln served as counsel to the state’s Board of Education.

A long-running effort to make the life of Abraham Lincoln more accessible to the public has reached a new milestone.

Emancipation Memorial at Lincoln Park
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At a time when America is reckoning with much of its racist past, a historian says museums show that many historical figures were flawed people.

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The McLean County Museum of History has announced the donation of what staff call an “invaluable” Lincoln document by Lincoln collector and scholar Guy Fraker.

1860 election

Both major political parties could substantially change or disappear entirely after the 2020 presidential elections, according to a longtime political watcher at Illinois State University.

John O'Connor as Abraham Lincoln
McLean County Museum of History

This weekend is the 10th annual Lincoln’s Festival on Route 66 in Bloomington. One of the main attractions will be Herbert Mitgang’s one-man play “Mr. Lincoln,” which will be performed by John O’Connor on Saturday, July 20, at 7 p.m.

Museum Of History Acquires Abraham Lincoln Letter

Feb 1, 2019
Jeff and Adam reveal the letter
Amy Niebur

A letter Abraham Lincoln wrote and sent to Bloomington in late 1859 will soon be on display at the McLean County Museum of History.