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Bloomington City Council

Parking garage
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Replacements for Bloomington’s O’Neil Pool and the Market Street parking garage appear to be on the horizon, with items related to both facilities included in the proposed budget for the 2021 fiscal year.  

Road resurfacing
City of Bloomington

Bloomington plans to significantly ramp up roadwork using revenue from its 2019 gas tax increase in a record-setting budget plan.

A new car wash that will replace a fast food restaurant near a busy Bloomington intersection has made plans to ease traffic concerns in the area.

Empty building on Hamilton Road
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A developer has axed plans for an indoor sports recreation business near downtown Bloomington and plans to open on the east side instead.

Officials at a meeting
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State lawmakers joined a special session of the Bloomington City Council on Saturday morning to discuss progress on securing state funding for the city’s capital projects.

Transit buses
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Bloomington City Council members Donna Boelen and Jeff Crabill say they want to see specifics on how Connect Transit would spend possible increased funding from the city.

Bloomington Public Works Department sign
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Bloomington is looking to replace its aging water meters in the city more efficiently.

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Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner said Tuesday night he believes the city continues to make strides toward becoming a better place to live.

Luther Oaks
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The City of Bloomington is moving forward with a road improvement project linked to expansion of the Luther Oaks retirement community, but without universal City Council support.

Bloomington City Council protest
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Bloomington City Council members say they welcome marijuana dispensaries in their city when recreational pot becomes legal Jan. 1, but they aren’t ready to embrace so-called cannabis cafes, saying they require more study.

Tim Gleason
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Bloomington's city council is expected to formally adopt a policy regulating cannabis businesses on Monday night, about two weeks before recreational marijuana use becomes legal in Illinois.

Tari Renner
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Mayor Tari Renner said he doesn’t expect Bloomington City Council members to opt out of cannabis sales, but they likely won’t allow “cannabis cafes” with on-site consumption.

Jenn speaks at meeting
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After unanimously approving the property tax levy for the current fiscal year Monday, the Bloomington City Council started looking ahead to a final decision on recreational cannabis sales.

Eric's Too Restaurant
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Bloomington will consider additional conditions on a restaurant that wants to sell alcohol on its outdoor patio.

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Pizza, alcohol and gambling will be available at a longtime vacant Bloomington lot in the near future.

Vacant lot for new pizza restaurant
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Bloomington could be promising a gaming license for a planned pizzeria, provided it opens on schedule.

Homes in Dimmitt's Grove neighborhood
Facebook/Dimmitt's Grove Neighborhood Association

Residents of Bloomington’s oldest neighborhood have taken several steps to embrace its history and diversity in a plan that city officials hope will be a model for other neighborhoods to follow.

Olivia Butts
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A leader with the local Black Lives Matter chapter is urging the Bloomington City Council to allow cannabis sales as a form of reparations for the drug war’s injustices against people of color.

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Thanks to expected modest economic growth, the City of Bloomington will hold property taxes steady again next year.

Bloomington City Council chambers
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The City of Bloomington plans to hold the line on property taxes next year, assuming the city sees modest economic growth.

Julie Emig
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A Bloomington council member who served on the Cannabis Task Force says she’ll support allowing sales in her city—but so-called “cannabis cafes” may be a bridge too far.

Council meeting
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The legalization of adult-use recreational cannabis remains such a hot-button issue that even a procedural step generated plenty of discussion at Monday’s Bloomington City Council meeting.

Vacant warehouse, 216 E. Grove St., Bloomington
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The City of Bloomington is expected to formally bring zoning into its marijuana conversation on Monday night.

Bloomington cannabis task force
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Bloomington City Council members on Monday said the city should consider how it might regulate marijuana dispensaries through zoning as the council decides whether it will allow such businesses when recreational cannabis sales become legal in January.

Eric's Too Restaurant
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The Bloomington City Council voted Monday to send a west side restaurant’s request for a beer garden back to the liquor commission.

Eric's Too Restaurant
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A west Bloomington restaurant is getting pushback over plans to add a beer garden.

big room with seated people and display screens.
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The new head of the Bloomington-Normal Economic Development Council promised regular updates on development efforts during a joint Bloomington City Council, Normal Town Council, and McLean County Board meeting Monday night.

Donna Boelen
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One of the members appointed to Bloomington’s newly formed task force on legalized recreational marijuana sees an opportunity for the city to get input from the business, health and law enforcement communities.

Carrillo and Emig
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Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner has named two police officers, two downtown business owners, an addiction specialist and five other community members to a new cannabis task force that the city council will consider on Monday.

Lynn Cannon speaking at Bloomington City Council
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Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner told city council members on Monday he plans to have a list of members he’s seeking to appoint to a cannabis task force for approval next week.