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Bloomington City Council

Gathering outside Bloomington City Hall
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Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner has named Mollie Ward, co-founder of the McLean County Interfaith Alliance and leader in the Bloomington-Normal Not In Our Town movement to fill an open seat on the city council.

The Bloomington City Council on Monday narrowly approved a change to how the city's Public Safety and Community Relations Board makes recommendations and handles outreach. 

But before the 5-4 vote, council members disagreed in a lengthy discussion about whether the change constituted slightly amending bylaws to clarify the board’s purpose, or significantly broadening its mission. 

McClintock, Nick

A political newcomer has announced a run for mayor of Bloomington. He is 29-year-old Nick McClintock, a radio technician for the Illinois Farm Bureau. He also has been a part-time producer and show host for various radio stations in Bloomington-Normal.

Tari Renner gestures
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Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner announced Wednesday he won’t seek re-election to a third term next spring.

The Bloomington City Council Monday night OK’d the next steps in a plan to extend the Constitution Trail in southeast Bloomington, creating a safer way for bicycle and foot traffic to cross under Veterans Parkway. 

When complete, the trail would stretch from Lafayette Street to Hamilton Road.

Also at the remote meeting, the council approved plans to spend $775,000 on design for a new O’Neil Pool; updated city codes including  sprinkler requirements in businesses; and heard from residents calling for Oct. 12 to be known as Indigenous People’s Day instead of Columbus Day.

Construction barrells at demolition site
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As the City of Bloomington wraps up demolition of O'Neil Pool, the city is starting to work on a new aquatic center at the west side park.

Scott Black speaking at city ouncil
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The City of Bloomington is seeking applications for an upcoming city council vacancy.

The Bloomington City Council opted Monday to delay a vote on creating a public arts commission, with members saying they first must resolve questions about how the commission would be funded, and who would be represented among its volunteers.

While voicing general support for the commission, the council agreed unanimously at the remote meeting to table the vote until Oct. 26.

Bloomington City Hall
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Community groups demonstrated before Monday's Bloomington City Council meeting in an effort to revive efforts to pass a welcoming city ordinance.

downtown mural of historic figures
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Bloomington City Council members said they're on board with an effort to display more art in public spaces in the city, but some disagree about what art they want in their neighborhood.

Jamie Mathy raising right hand
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Bloomington City Council member Jamie Mathy has announced plans to seek a second term on the council next year.

empty cannabis store
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UPDATED 5:30 P.M. | The Bloomington City Council on Monday will consider plans for the city’s first cannabis dispensary.

Mike Straza

A second candidate has emerged for Bloomington City Council's Ward 5, which includes neighborhoods just north of Veterans Parkway and Empire Street.

Normal City Hall
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The November election campaign season is just ramping up, but some candidates already are looking ahead to next year's municipal contests.

Like attorney AJ Zimmerman, who said Tuesday he's running for Normal Town Council.

The Bloomington City Council gave the official OK Monday night for Grossinger Motors Arena to be used as a “universal” voting site for McLean County residents on Election Day on Nov. 3.

A statue of Columbus
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Bloomington city staff will examine converting the Columbus Day holiday to one honoring indigenous people, with a majority of the city council indicating at least some support for researching the question during a Committee of the Whole session Monday night.

Madigan at a podium
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Several McLean County Board and Bloomington City Council members are calling for Michael Madigan to step down as Illinois House speaker and leader of the Democratic Party of Illinois.

Building new homes in the Fox Creek subdivision and tearing down the west side’s O’Neil pool complex are both in the works, after the Bloomington City Council took construction-related actions at its Monday night meeting.

Bloomington’s strong budget reserves helped it weather COVID-19 this spring, but the pandemic’s unpredictability means the city’s finances aren’t yet in the clear, leaders heard during Monday night’s city council meeting.

Lake Bloomington shoreline
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The City of Bloomington plans to explore additional water supplies to meet an anticipated rise in demand over the next two decades. That's included in the city's proposed 20-year water master plan.

Better Bus Stop campaign progress
Connect Transit / Facebook

In a meeting with the Bloomington City Council Monday night, Connect Transit board chair Ryan Whitehouse pledged the public transportation service will become completely ADA compliant by 2024.

Council members in Bloomington
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UPDATED 11:50 a.m. | The Bloomington City Council voted Monday night to approve the reappointment of a Connect Transit board member, though not without discussion, with alderman Jeff Crabill moving to exclude the selection of Ryan Whitehouse.

Bloomington police car
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Bloomington City Manager Tim Gleason said it’s "ridiculous” to suggest local governments will ever fully defund police, but he supports the discussion of how to better redirect some police resources.

McLean County Government Center
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The City of Bloomington plans to move more city offices and its city council meetings to the McLean County Government Center by the end of the year.

Patrick Lawler standing downtown
Patrick Lawler

UPDATED 2:05 P.M. | A social studies teacher at Normal Community High School plans to run for Bloomington City Council.

Kelby Cumpston
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One candidate has already emerged in the race to succeed Scott Black on the Bloomington City Council.

Scott Black speaking at city ouncil
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Scott Black has announced he won’t be seeking a third term on the Bloomington City Council next year.

Bloomington city council members Mboka Mwilambwe, Julie Emig, Jeff Crabill and Joni Painter
City of Bloomington

Bloomington City Council members generally say they aren't ready to overhaul public safety in the city amid national calls to "Defund the Police," but several want to start heading in that direction.

Hamilton Road project
City of Bloomington

Bloomington will get financial help from the federal government to acquire property for connecting the two sections of Hamilton Road.

On Wednesday night, the city council approved a resolution authorizing the use of $500,000 of state motor fuel tax dollars to buy the land needed to build the new four-lane section between Bunn Street and Commerce Parkway with $400,000 to be reimbursed with Federal Surface Transportation funds.

The Bloomington City Council meeting that was scheduled to take place virtually Monday night was rescheduled to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.