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Bloomington City Council

Eric's Too Restaurant
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The Bloomington City Council voted Monday to send a west side restaurant’s request for a beer garden back to the liquor commission.

Eric's Too Restaurant
Eric Stock / WGLT

A west Bloomington restaurant is getting pushback over plans to add a beer garden.

big room with seated people and display screens.
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The new head of the Bloomington-Normal Economic Development Council promised regular updates on development efforts during a joint Bloomington City Council, Normal Town Council, and McLean County Board meeting Monday night.

Donna Boelen
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One of the members appointed to Bloomington’s newly formed task force on legalized recreational marijuana sees an opportunity for the city to get input from the business, health and law enforcement communities.

Carrillo and Emig
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Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner has named two police officers, two downtown business owners, an addiction specialist and five other community members to a new cannabis task force that the city council will consider on Monday.

Lynn Cannon speaking at Bloomington City Council
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Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner told city council members on Monday he plans to have a list of members he’s seeking to appoint to a cannabis task force for approval next week.

State Farm downtown
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The Historic Preservation Commission had been set to hold hearings on two historic landmark nominations for the downtown building State Farm is offloading.

But Mayor Tari Renner said those won’t be needed.

Renner, Joni, and Jenn
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Despite some members voicing concerns it might slow the process, the Bloomington City Council on Monday approved a request to establish a task force in preparation for next year’s legalization of recreational marijuana use.

Bloomington City Council chambers
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The Bloomington City Council will consider creating a task force to figure how it will handle recreational marijuana use when it becomes legal Jan. 1.

Jamie Mathy and Donna Boelen
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Bloomington plans to start taking applications for video gambling licenses in mid-September, after agreeing to lift a moratorium that was intended to curtail an explosion of gambling in the city.

Bloomington City Hall
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Bloomington city staff believes it's come up with a plan to expand video gambling that will meet city council approval.

Tom Hubbard
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Bloomington City Council members support lifting the city's moratorium on video gambling licenses and want to start the discussion about how it will handle legalized marijuana, though members disagree about how best to gather input.

Hooters exterior
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The Bloomington Liquor Commission approved three new liquor licenses Tuesday, including a tavern license for a restaurant going into the former Hooters location on Hershey Road.

Sunnyside Park
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Fifteen months after first coming before the Bloomington City Council, the Boys & Girls Club of Bloomington-Normal may finally be getting its new land on the city’s west side.

Joni Painter and Tari Renner
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Bloomington City Council members on Monday rejected two of Mayor Tari Renner’s appointments to the city’s transportation commission, amid claims the city should try harder to place applicants on the boards they requested to serve.

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The City of Bloomington updated its online municipal code to be more accessible to residents.

Mitsubishi Motorway sign
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Bloomington city staff expects a vote on a proposed highway name change to be a formality, even though it sparked debate in Normal last month.

State Farm listening session
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Bloomington residents remain divided over what role the city should play in trying to save State Farm's downtown former headquarters that the company plans to demolish.

That's according to feedback Bloomington City Council member Jenn Carrillo said she has received during two listening sessions and community surveys over the last week.

Gleason chats with a woman
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Bloomington City Manager Tim Gleason said he's proud of the work he and the city council has accomplished in his first year on the job.

David Byrd

A candidate for Bloomington’s police chief position says he was treated unfairly when the city mishandled his application. The city says the accident did not place him at any disadvantage.

Vacant Bloomington business storefront
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A group of Bloomington residents is applauding the city council for listening to concerns about allowing liquor sales in their west Bloomington neighborhood.

Grossinger Motors Arena at night
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Operating losses at the city-owned Grossinger Motors Arena were not as bad as expected for the fiscal year that ended on April 30.

Jeff addresses the council
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Bloomington is still mulling over what to do with the city’s year-and-a-half long moratorium on new video gambling licenses. City council members agree they want video gambling to be limited in some way.

Chiko Russo speaking at Bloomington City Council
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Bloomington City Council members want more clearly defined conditions and enforcement measures before deciding whether to approve a liquor license that would enable a convenience store to reopen under new ownership on the city’s southwest side.

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A Bloomington convenience store wanting to reopen under new ownership will have to limit its hours and make other accommodations to get a liquor license.

Kim Bray at a meeting
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With the City of Bloomington’s budget situation much improved, City Council member Kim Bray says it could be time to move ahead with improvements at Bloomington Public Library.

Connect Transit bus
Connect Transit

The Bloomington City Council has passed a wait-and-see resolution concerning Connect Transit and the recent public campaign to undo a route cut and fare increases.

Bloomington City Hall
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Bloomington could soon be tipping its hand in how much its willing to help Connect Transit's on-demand service for elderly riders and those with disabilities.

Connect Transit bus in Uptown
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UPDATED 7 a.m. | The Bloomington City Council doesn’t like Connect Transit’s planned fare increases, Olive route elimination, and board makeup. But it won’t reject the transit system’s budget as a way to force change.

Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner and City Councilmember Jenn Carillo.
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An online dustup that later spilled over into the Bloomington City Council chambers was a learning experience for everyone, according to a downtown business owner who took exception to a council member's threatened business boycott.