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Bloomington City Council

Lake Bloomington
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Bloomington plans to implement a new permitting system for boat docks at Lake Bloomington to try to resolve issues with some dock owners that have been ongoing for years.

John Houseal speaks at podium
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After two years of review, Bloomington is ready to move forward with major updates to its zoning ordinance.

Firefighters at a burning apartment
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Bloomington aldermen took formal steps Monday night to discourage chronic housing code violations with more fines and a new classification for repeat offenders.

Commercial Packaging
City of Bloomington

Bloomington is offering a few perks to help a packaging company relocate from Normal.

Gettysburg Drive fire
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Bloomington is going after bad landlords.

Lynn Cannon speaks to aldermen
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The city-owned Grossinger Motors Arena will likely never turn a profit, according to arena manager VenuWorks.

Tony speaks to the council
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The city of Bloomington will sell 3 acres of land at Sunnyside Park to the Boys and Girls Club for $1.

Bees exiting a hive
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Jeff Henry of Bloomington is an urban beekeeper, hoping to reverse an alarming decline in pollinators like honeybees that threatens our global food supply.

Sunnyside Park
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Bloomington aldermen on Monday will consider an agreement to sell three acres to the local Boys and Girls Club for $1.

Former Bloomington High School
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Bloomington aldermen will consider an agreement Monday night to offer financial assistance for residents of a new housing project.

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Bloomington is implementing fines starting at $250 for anyone who tries to remove a traffic control device.

Donna Boelen
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The Bloomington City Council will be losing one of its most fiscally conservative aldermen next spring when David Sage steps down after three terms.

Man speaks to Bloomington City Council
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Bloomington residents would pay about $1 more on their monthly water bills as insurance against leaks, based on a proposal the City Council reviewed on Monday night.

Tim Gleason
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It didn’t take Tim Gleason long to see an inefficiency in the way the Bloomington City Council schedules meetings.

Speed Limit sign
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Wider use of traffic-calming tools like curb extensions and more ticket-writing cops were among the ideas floated Tuesday as the Bloomington Transportation Commission began tackling a request from aldermen to curb speeding in residential neighborhoods.

Jeff sitting in studio
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A second candidate has announced a run for Bloomington's Ward 8 on the southeast side.

A photo of karen Schmidt in the WGLT studio.
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The longest currently serving alderman in Bloomington said she wants four more years.

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David Sage said Tuesday he’s not running for re-election to the Bloomington City Council in 2019—the second alderman to decide against seeking another term.

Traffic light on Front Street
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Bloomington aldermen have put a request for a new type of liquor license on ice over concerns the proposal was too broad.

Green Top Grocery beer cooler
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Green Top Grocery is asking the Bloomington City Council to create a new liquor license qualification that would enable customers who buy packaged beer or wine to drink on site.

 Georgene Chissell
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There are still 244 days until the next Bloomington City Council election, but three candidates have already announced plans to run.

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New Bloomington City Manager Tim Gleason is one week into the job, meeting with elected officials and his department heads to get a lay of the land.

A local business owner said Wednesday she’s running for Bloomington City Council in 2019—at least the third candidate to announce with more than 250 days until the election.

Josh Barnett
Josh Barnett Campaign

McLean County Board member Josh Barnett announced Tuesday he will run for Bloomington City Council in Ward 8.

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Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner said the bulk of the money to build a new sports complex would have to come from the private sector.

Cherry Lawson and Tim Gleason
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Bloomington aldermen on Monday approved spending $610,000 to install a new elevator at Grossinger Motors Arena on a 5-3 vote.

Grossinger Motors Arena at night
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Grossinger Motors Arena needs a new elevator to comply with federal disability guidelines.

Evan speaks on stage with presentation behind him
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A $43.6 million indoor-outdoor sports complex would make Bloomington-Normal an even bigger sports tourism destination and have a multigenerational impact on public health, a consultant told elected officials Monday night.

City council members at a dais in the Center for the Performing Arts.
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Bloomington Alderman Jamie Mathy said he regrets cancellation of the special meeting last week to deal with a new version of a Welcoming City ordinance.

Large group of soccer players and families crowd an area near a food truck at Community Fields along Ireland Grove Road in Bloomington.
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Bloomington-Normal leaders will get their first look at a study Monday night that will help decide whether it makes economic sense to invest public money in a community multisport complex.