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McLean County Government Center
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A McLean County Board committee heard several recommendations Tuesday to reshape the county’s top governing body, while a member of the committee argued the county redistricting process lacks fair representation.

McLean County Board virtual meeting
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McLean County government will soon hold its first in-person meetings in more than a year as the county begins its once-a-decade remapping of County Board districts.

Packet of recycled materials
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McLean County may try again to join a cost-sharing agreement for drop-off recycling with Bloomington and Normal.

Recycling cart
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A McLean County government panel doesn't want the county to help fund a drop-off recycling program.

Rich and Judy Buchanan
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Former Bloomington Mayor Rich Buchanan, who spent more than four decades in public service and helped strengthen collaboration between the Twin Cities, died Tuesday. He was 81.

McLean County Board virtual meeting
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McLean County Board Chairman John McIntyre says the county hopes to set up COVID vaccination clinics outside of Bloomington-Normal as the county’s vaccine distribution efforts intensify.

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McLean County government leaders present a confident budget outlook for 2021, but say it’s uncertain how COVID-19 could impact financial health in the coming years.

Governor Pritzker
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City and county leaders in McLean County said Wednesday one of Gov. JB Pritzker's budget proposals is a bad idea.

The governor has proposed taking 10% of the income tax money it currently shares with cities, towns, and counties through the Local Government Distributive Fund.

Salvation Army Safe Harbor entrance
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McLean County will consider providing more funding to help keep the homeless out of the cold this winter.

McLean County Board virtual meeting
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A McLean County Board member says the county and Bloomington-Normal hospitals are administering COVID-19 vaccines as fast as they can, but distribution from the state has been inconsistent.

Exterior of Nursing Home
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The head of the McLean County Nursing Home says the state and the media are reporting incorrect COVID-19 data related to the facility in north Normal.

McLean County Board virtual meeting
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McLean County Board Chairman John McIntyre isn't counting on any federal stimulus money to provide COVID-19 relief, but said the county is well positioned to handle fiscal uncertainties the pandemic could bring next year.

County Board oath of office
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McLean County swore in three new County Board members and reelected John McIntyre as chairman during a special meeting on Monday.

Jessica McKnight speaking
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The McLean County Health Department is getting closer to its target of having enough contact tracers available to deal with the rise in novel coronavirus infections in Bloomington-Normal and around the region.

William Caisley and George Gordon seated at board meeting
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Two of McLean County's longest-serving elected officials are set to exit the stage.

John McIntyre sitting at desk
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The McLean County Board has approved keeping the property tax rate the same, as part of next year’s $104.5 million budget.

Jacob Beard and Val Laymon
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UPDATED 5:10 P.M. | Mail-in and provisional ballots have flipped the results in a closely contested McLean County Board race.

Jacob Beard and Val Laymon
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UPDATED 1:45 P.M. | It will be two weeks before the community knows the outcome of a contested McLean County Board race.

John McIntyre, Rachael Lund and Jo Ann Litwiller
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McLean County Board Chairman John McIntyre held on in a close battle for re-election while Republicans maintained slim leads in several close races in their hope to maintain a majority.

RJ, Charlie, and Derek
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McLean County Board District 3 takes in the western part of the county and portions of west and south Bloomington. Participating in a WGLT forum were Democrat RJ McCracken and Libertarian Derek Evans.

John McIntyre and Nikita Richards
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McLean County Democrats have their sights set on something that once seemed unimaginable -- gaining majority power on the county board.

County Board virtual meeting
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McLean County government is shifting its emergency loan program to distributing larger zero-interest, forgivable loans to small businesses struggling during the pandemic.

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Members of the McLean County Board of Health looked to health department administrators Wednesday night for reassurance the agency will be prepared for a potential surge in COVID-19 this winter.

Lea Cline and Paul Segobiano
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One of McLean County’s longest-serving elected officials is seeking a return to public office for one of the shortest stints possible.

Hannah Beer and David Scarpelli
Hannah Beer and McLean County Libertarian Party

An Illinois State University student who is running for McLean County Board defends the county's handling of the pandemic, but she suggested more could have been done to prevent a large spike in coronavirus cases when college students returned to campus in August.

The three candidates
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The election is fast approaching, and the McLean County Board District 5 race to represent part of the town of Normal has three candidates running amid the pandemic: Incumbent Republican John McIntyre, Democrat Rachael Lund, and Libertarian Jo Ann Litwiller.

A candidate running in a mostly rural McLean County Board district says he hopes people will consider voting for him, even if they’ve not historically supported Democrats.

The McLean County Board seat in District 4 representing central and northwest Normal is an opportunity for new representation. Longtime County Board member and retired Chief Circuit Judge William Caisley chose not to run again.

A McLean County Board incumbent says he's helped make county government more accessible, but his challengers say the county hasn't done enough.

Virtual County Board meeting
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McLean County government officials say their proposed 2021 budget has been able to withstand the financial hits caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.