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Solid Waste

Bulk waste collection
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Bloomington's garbage trucks are getting smarter.

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The public will get its first look at the Town of Normal’s proposed multifamily recycling ordinance during an information session Thursday.

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Illinois State University students who’ve been fighting for an easier way to recycle at their off-campus apartments say they’re concerned about the long-term health of their planet.

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The City of Bloomington will continue to pick up garbage itself.

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The union that represents the City of Bloomington’s solid waste employees is lobbying aldermen not to outsource garbage collection to private companies.

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The Normal Town Council will likely consider an ordinance this spring requiring that apartment buildings provide the option to recycle.

A room of constituents listen to a man and woman from Bloomington City Council at a town hall meeting.
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Two Bloomington aldermen looking for feedback to close a nearly $3 million budget gap answered more questions than received input Tuesday about proposed staff options including privatizing solid waste collection.

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The McLean County Board on Tuesday approved the original version of a 20-year solid waste management plan, without the changes passed this month by the Land Use Committee.


The Bloomington City Council has adopted a $207 million dollar proposed balanced budget for Fiscal Year 2017. Aldermen Kevin Lower and Jim Fruin voted no. Lower said his opposition came because of a lack of reductions in “socialized entertainment venues.” Lower said he believed the venues should be paid for by the people actually using those services, not the city.

City of Bloomington

The City of Bloomington is no closer to resolving the bulky waste issue, after a proposal was tabled February 8.

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The Bloomington City Council tabled a proposal that would have changed the fee structure for bulky waste pick up. The city is wrestling with a $1.75 million deficit in the city's solid waste program. The changes, which were not voted on, would have saved $185,000 according to city staff

"Last night was embarrassing," said Mayor Tari Renner, during his regular Sound Ideas interview on GLT.