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GLT's Sound Ideas: 8/17/18

8 hours ago

Skipping School, GLT's series on the teacher shortage, wraps up with a look at how children and culture are changing, and how that's making the job harder for teachers. Ryan Denham talks to ag historian Don Meyer about his upcoming Illinois Bicentennial Speaker Series talk in Springfield. And Jon Norton previews upcoming performances from Chicago bluesman Billy Branch and Mali-born Cheick Hamala Diabate.

GLT Sound Ideas 08/16/18

Aug 16, 2018

Normal Community High School Special Ed teacher Claire Rybarczyk says constant changes in teaching models overwhelm many educators. Part 3 of GLT's Skipping School series focuses on how the role of a teacher has changed in recent years, and the stress it creates. Plus, the legendary singer Aretha Franklin has died. Jon Norton has an appreciation. Bloomington Alderman Karen Schmidt wants a sixth term. And it's GLT's Grow.

GLT Sound Ideas 08/15/18

Aug 15, 2018

GLT's Skipping School series continues with a look at how teachers make ends meet, and the obstacles to raising teacher starting salaries. Mary Cullen talks to an Illinois State University professor about her research into helicopter parenting and political engagement. Eric Stock introduces you to the candidates to become McLean County's new state's attorney. And Jon Norton previews a documentary about jazz musician Thelonious Monk showing Friday at the Normal Theater.

GLT Sound Ideas 08/14/18

Aug 14, 2018

Illinois is trying to stop a teacher shortage, and teachers leaving the state is only part of the problem. Derek Sieg and other former teachers talk about why they left the profession -- and what school districts and policymakers can do to stop it. It's the first of a 4-part series this week on Sound Ideas about the teacher shortage. Plus, Planned Parenthood of Illinois decides it might as well be hung for being a sheep as a lamb. Mary Cullen interviews a Planned Parenthood leader ahead of the Democrats Baldini Dinner. And Mayor Tari Renner drops by.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 8/13/18

Aug 13, 2018

A special rebroadcast of the GLT Community Conversation about local journalism in the era of fake news. Panelists include Illinois State University alum Jim Kirk (former editor of the Chicago Sun-Times and Los Angeles Times), GLT News Director Charlie Schlenker, Pantagraph Editor Mark Pickering, WJBC News Director Katherine Murphy, and Illinois News Broadcasters Association President (and TV-10 educator) Laura Trendle Polus. The Aug. 8 event was moderated by GLT Program Director Mike McCurdy.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 8/10/18

Aug 10, 2018

ISU Political Scientist Kerry Milita says voter security means different things to different parties. Republicans tend to focus on vote registration rolls and vote fraud. And Milita says in Mary Cullen's report that Democrats are more worried about Russian hacking because President Trump won. Plus, a tale of a pyromaniac from a Next to Normal Story Slam. A new Art Exhibit at the University galleries needs public input. And Jon Norton reports on a new bronze at a central Illinois Sculpture walk.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 8/9/18

Aug 9, 2018

Normal Town Council member Kathleen Lorenz says she wants another term and will be a good steward for the public: that includes pulling back on a library project. Lorenz says in a GLT interview that she does favor economic development projects. Plus, Ryan Denham looks at the student apartment business as ISU and IWU prepare to go back into session with move-in happening next week. And Jon Norton gives us the punk sound of the music of City Mouse.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 8/8/18

Aug 8, 2018

Homebuilder Tom Armstrong says he's just a cog in the economic wheel and that he can't build homes if there are no jobs for potential customers. Ryan Denham reports on why new home construction across the country has slowed to its lowest pace since the 1980s. It has been a decade since public smoking bans took effect in Bloomington-Normal. How's that working out? Eric Stock reports. Mary Cullen reports on resources to help those who have been affected by domestic violence. Plus, home cooked pesticides and herbicides: Mike McCurdy and Patrick Murphy rate them on GLT's Grow.

GLT Sound Ideas 8/7/18

Aug 7, 2018

Illinois State University Agriculture Professor Don Meyer says once farmers had to really strain to produce fifty bushels of corn per acre. Now, not so much. 200 years of Agriculture...a bicentennial interview with Ryan Denham. Plus, Mary Cullen reports on the expansion of a counseling service for the uninsured and under-insured in Bloomington-Normal. And the Mayor of Normal stops by after the town council meeting.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 8/6/18

Aug 6, 2018

Wyatt Lopez of Heyworth  is a 4-H contestant who is NOT doing rabbits, rooster, pigs, or cows at the fair. And stop motion animation is even passe'. Eric Stock reports on 4H in the 21st century. Plus, it's getting on toward  the start of school. But, the traditional rhythms of K-12 are not for everyone Ryan Denham reports on an alternative to that, Bloom Community School which bills itself as a progressive and innovative elementary and middle school. And storyteller Devon Lovell talks about losing and finding. 

GLT's Sound Ideas: 8/3/18

Aug 3, 2018

A special edition of Sound Ideas, as you'll hear an Illinois issues forum brought to you by NPR Illinois.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 8/2/18

Aug 2, 2018

GLT's Mary Cullen talks expansion plans with Bloomington Public Library Director Jeanne Hamilton. Charlie Schlenker previews the next season at the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts. We'll have another installment of Story Slam. Plus, Jon Norton catches up with the Old Smoke Band ahead of their debut release performance at Nightshop.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 8/1/18

Aug 1, 2018

International Food Policy expert Joe Glauber says not only does President Trump's trade war hurt farmers, it's not even helping other sectors of the economy. Glauber talks with GLT's Charlie Schlenker from the Illinois Farm Bureau innovations and income conference held in Normal. Plus, new Bloomington City Council candidate Georgine Chizzell talks with Ryan Denham about constituent service and why she's running for the position held by David Sage in the 2nd ward. And, Chicago Farmer hits forty; he responds with a new live double album. Jon Norton reports.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 7/31/18

Jul 31, 2018

A week into the job, new Bloomington City Manager Tim Gleason says he's not the type to mince words. He says he considers openness to a fault to be a benefit. Gleason talks with GLT's Ryan Denham about economic development, downtown, and his many roles in law enforcement. Plus, basketball at the coliseum was once considered an important part of the event mix for the Bloomington facility. Eric Stock reports on where it is now. And a football coach leaves a big school program over faith based considerations.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 7/30/18

Jul 30, 2018

H. Ramakrishnan contracted polio as a toddler and his mother carried him for the next ten years. Yet he had the mental strength to go on to a career and family. Charlie Schlenker talks with Ramakrishnan about polio damage and how those afflicted are viewed in society. Plus Illinois Attorney General Candidate Kwame Raul is campaigning hard against his GOP opponent Erika Harold. GLT's Eric Stock caught up with Raul in Bloomington. And Prairie Fire Theater rolls out its production of "The Secret Garden."

GLT's Sound Ideas: 7/27/18

Jul 27, 2018

Kathy Drea of the American Lung Association says ten years after the indoor smoking ban 90 percent of Illinois residents think it's a good idea and that says it all, because it's not even possible to get nine out of ten people to agree the sky is blue. Eric Stock reports on the lingering effects of the ban on both health and business. Plus, McLean County is on a poverty watch list by the Heartland Alliance. Mary Cullen reports. And Colleen Reynolds looks at teen vaping in the twin cities.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 7/26/18

Jul 26, 2018

A year after its creation, some want to see more distance between Bloomington's Public Safety and Community Relations Board and the police department. Mary Cullen has the story. Ryan Denham visits a new organic farm on Route 66, and we turn to an expert on making a living through small farms. Eric Stock talks to Central Catholic's new football coach about where his job and his faith intersect. And Jon Norton visits with Stefen Robinson from Yea Big.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 7/25/18

Jul 25, 2018

Out of all the many high ticket items the city of Bloomington could spend money on, City Council Candidate Josh Barnett tells Charlie Schlenker one tops his list, a new and larger public works facility. Barnett says he doesn't see a library project for several years. Plus, a Boys and Girls Club volunteer serving community service was recently accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl who is a boys and girls club client. Tony Morstatter, the head of the club talks with Charlie Schlenker about child safety and his organization's policy. And it's GLT's Grow with Mike McCurdy.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 7/24/18

Jul 24, 2018

The religious left is part of the subject of a new book by Todd Fuist. Eric Stock has a conversation with the Illinois Wesleyan University Professor about the intersection of religion and progressive activism. Mayor Tari Renner is in studio to recap this week’s Bloomington City Council meeting. Jon Norton has the music of Jimmy Vaughan ahead of his Castle Theater concert. And it has been a quarter century since the great flood of 1993 devastated people living along the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 7/23/18

Jul 23, 2018

GLT's Ryan Denham explores the future of the student apartment business surrounding Illinois State University. Mary Cullen has an update on the scope of domestic violence with an expert from Mid Central Community Action. And on Datebook, Charlie Schlenker previews the annual Rotary Brats and Bags fundraiser on Aug. 4.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 7/19/18

Jul 19, 2018

State Sen. Jason Barickman, R-Bloomington, reacts to President Trump's Helsinki comments, then recaps recent legislative work in Springfield. GLT's Eric Stock introduces you to a baseball player turned coach who's fought off cancer twice. And Jon Norton previews a Bloomington hip-hop artist's upcoming show at Nightshop.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 7/18/18

Jul 18, 2018

Realtors Association President John Armstrong says the State Farm uncertainty is hurting his marketplace and causing significant losses in equity in upper end houses. Ryan Denham reports on the first half of 2018 in Bloomington Normal housing sales. Colleen Reynolds reports on the resurrection of a legendary dinner theater in central Illinois. Eric Stock unpacks a measure to encourage and regulate urban farming. The State Treasurer talks about a new retirement savings program that will affect more than a million Illinoisans. And Mike McCurdy has GLT's Grow.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 7/17/18

Jul 17, 2018

Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault Executive Director Polly Poskin says use of non-disclosure agreements in workplace harassment cases serves as a "cover-up." GLT's Mary Cullen reports on silencing victims through non-disclosure agreements. Plus, a new book on globalization of the entertainment industry from ISU political scientist Lane Crothers. And the Mayor of Normal stops by to talk about a multi sport complex, and changes in a development agreement in Uptown to make it easier on the building owner.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 7/16/18

Jul 16, 2018

High School student Eden Warner of Hudson says she had some misgivings about painting part of a mural to beautify an underpass on the Constitution Trail. Ryan Denham reports on the latest public art project in Bloomington. Plus, Bloomington Alderman Jamie Mathy regrets the cancellation of last week's special meeting on the draft Welcoming City Ordinance. The San Francisco based psychedelic/blues-rock band Howlin' Rain is on someone's turntable and appearing tonight in Bloomington. Jon Norton Reports.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 7/12/18

Jul 12, 2018

There are more than 150 youth lacrosse players in Bloomington-Normal, and Matt Troha of the Illinois High School Association says he expects at least one high school team in the Twin Cities in a few years. You'll hear the music of Switchback, plus hear how twin city educators are becoming aware of the rise of teen vaping. Colleen Reynolds reports.

GLT Sound Ideas 7/11/18

Jul 11, 2018

It's the return of the band the Something Brothers. Ed Pierce says it wasn't a tough choice to do a new CD, the first in three decades. Jon Norton reports. Plus the After Hours barbershop quartet finished in third place at the international competition last year. This year the central Illinois founded group won it all. Listen again to Laura Kennedy's profile of the quartet and its sweet harmonies. And its time to scrap the gas powered lawn tools for electric ones: hear more on GLT's Grow.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 7/10/18

Jul 10, 2018

Staying safe is not easy on highway construction crews and Rowe Construction Supervisor Tad Meyers says one job is key, the flagger. Listen to Ryan Denham's report on construction zone safety. Plus, Mayor Tari Renner talks about the latest defeat of the effort to pass a welcoming city ordinance, and the potential for new development in town. And reaction to the nomination of federal judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Illinois State University Professor Tom McClure talks over the impact that will have.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 7/9/18

Jul 9, 2018

The effort to pass a Welcoming City ordinance in Bloomington has fallen apart again. Charlotte Alvarez of the Keep Families Together coalition says the group is opposing the latest draft. GLT's Ryan Denham also reports Charlotte Alvarez says there has been little negotiation with the community over the issue in Bloomington. Plus, A photo exhibit at the Mclean County Arts Center looks backward and Norman Rockwell and forward to today's society.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 7/3/18

Jul 3, 2018

Illinois Hotel Association Head Mark Gordon says Airbnb is shorting cities on taxes--cities like Bloomington-Normal--and undercutting hotels. GLT's Ryan Denham reports on Airbnb in the twin cities. As Independence Day approaches, here the story of a Union soldier fighting in the civil war as a man even though the Central Illinois resident was born as a woman. Get a behind the scenes peak at the Illinois Shakespeare Festival. And Mayor Chris Koos is in the studio to talk about a new multi family residential recycling requirement in Normal. 

GLT's Sound Ideas: 7/2/18

Jul 2, 2018

Work requirements for people to receive SNAP food benefits could make final farm bill passage tougher.  Adam Nielsen with the Illinois Farm Bureau tells GLT's Mary Cullen his organization doesn't have a position on work requirements. There's an edition of What's On Your Turntable. You'll hear some of the new Neko Case, on the turntable at Waiting Room Records in Uptown And during an edition of our gardening program, Grow, find out what it takes to make your deck or patio another livable space.