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Patrick Grogan


Patrick Grogan is an intern at WGLT. He joined the station in 2021.

Patrick is also a student at Illinois State University.

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Auto insurers and automakers are going to have to work together to navigate the brave new world of self-driving cars. But there's a catch; the automakers try to protect proprietary info. Rand Corporation researcher Karlyn Stanley explains on why data-sharing is Priority Number One on the road to automation. Plus, an old junior high school has become affordable housing for seniors in Bloomington-Normal. Colleen Reynolds tells you about the innovative redesign that includes chalkboards and keeps the old wood flooring.

The Alan Beaman wrongful conviction case is back to the state Supreme Court for a third time. Hear the arguments about suing the Town of Normal police officers. Plus, Bloomington Schools' Superintendent Barry Reilly tells you how the district is preparing for the spring semester. Get an update on a Coronavirus saliva test program that ISU hopes to start very soon, and arts correspondent Laura Kennedy brings you paintings splashed with color that embrace memories and motherhood. 

You know the hotel business is bad when a massive power outage is a good thing. The head of the Hotel-Motel association says a recent blackout brought in 900 utility workers to Bloomington-Normal to make repairs. Six Bloomington-Normal hotels have received new state emergency pandemic relief. Plus, hear why diversity among judges matters, as McLean County gets its first African American judge and first African American woman judge. The McLean County Democratic Party gets a new chair, and the County Republican Party shows divisions over, yes, President Trump. 

As society prepares for more electric vehicles, it will have to design charging infrastructures and decide how to pay for the electricity used. The Illinois Commerce Commission says electric utilities have a seat at the E-V table. Plus, find out who has clout and who doesn't in selecting a new state senator to replace Bill Brady. Hear why a significant number of healthcare workers in Bloomington Normal don't want to get the Coronavirus vaccine. And a bitter irony from the pandemic; some gay men now can give blood for the first time in decades.