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No significant clues in newly released Jelani Day toxicology report

Jelani Day portrait
Jake Fogal
The Jelani Day portrait was returned for temporary display Monday morning, within a window at 104 Beaufort St. It's expected to be placed at ISU.

The toxicology report from the body of deceased ISU student Jelani Day shows marijuana, caffeine, and nicotine use.

The report obtained by WGLT under the Freedom of Information Act shows caffeine, THC derivatives, and cotinine which is a derivative of nicotine often found in tobacco. The report said those are present in levels showing typical use and aren't toxicologically significant.

A forensic toxicologist used liver tissue from Day's body to do the analysis by high performance liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry.

A histology report looking at the microscopic structure of tissues is not yet out.

Investigators continue to try to find out how and why Day's body was found in the Illinois River at Peru weeks after he disappeared from Bloomington-Normal. The Lasalle County Sheriff's Department said in a social media post earlier this week that investigators are reviewing hundreds of hours of video.

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