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Camberyn Kelley


Camberyn Kelley is a WGLT intern focused on reporting and online writing. She is also a student in Illinois State University's School of Communication.

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Cai and Christopher
Family Photo

Although this year is like no other, there is still time to bring holiday cheer to the community.

Shelby at work

Discover magazine and National Geographic laying on the coffee table captured the mind of Dr. Shelby Putt at a young age.

IWU campus building

The Small Business Development Center at Illinois Wesleyan University has seen improvement in the last three months after a big drop in activity during the early part of the pandemic.

California state trooper
Don Thompson / AP

New research funded by State Farm shows there are still misconceptions about cannabis and driving safety -- and that 1 in 8 adults admits to having driven under the influence of marijuana.

Erin Ripley-Gataric with kids
Emily Bollinger / WGLT

Passers-by are getting quite a view outside a home on Vernon Avenue in Normal: Instead of flower beds chilling in the front yard, there are 15-foot stalks of corn.

Alan Mather

Illinois is still facing another crisis alongside COVID-19—a shortage of teachers. And one impacts the other.