Jordan Mead | WGLT

Jordan Mead

Jordan Mead is a reporting intern at WCBU. She joined the station in 2021.

Jordan is also a student at Illinois State University.

If you're looking for an example of why every vote counts, look no further than the Peoria Township Supervisor Democratic primary election, where challenger LaTrina Leary currently leads incumbent Frank Abdnour by just one vote.

Running a small business is hard. Those challenges are compounded for Black small business owners. WCBU Student Reporter Jordan Mead explores how local entrepreneurs are breaking down those barriers.

Utilities are asking residents to turn down the heat as widespread power outages in Texas and Oklahoma limit natural gas production and shipments to the Midwest. Now, the fallout of the winter storms is having a chilling effect on central Illinois classrooms.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in 2021 will not look as it has in past years, but that does not mean couples cannot have a memorable - and safe - holiday.

With the region's move back to Tier 1 COVID mitigations, some Peoria restaurants are offering indoor dining as an option for the first time in weeks.

With Gov. JB Pritzker officially allowing Region 2 to move back to lighter COVID-19 restrictions, some businesses are now able to reopen their doors to customers--again.