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WGLT's Sound Ideas- 4/22/21

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The Town of Normal will get ten million dollars from the pandemic relief bill. City Manager Pam Reece says the town also hopes to reinstate some budget cuts made because of the pandemic. Plus, the redistricting process begins for the McLean County Board. Republicans want fewer districts to boost rural representation, while Democrats want single member districts to create more urban representation. When someone not from Apple replaces a battery in an iPhone, the software often gives the owner a warning about non brand parts. Electronics service store owner Terry Ballantini tells you about a Right to Repair. Plus, an African American man is Bloomington-Normal's longest serving plumber and he's still going. Curtis Henry Senior tells you what it's like to deal with pipes and poop for 57 years.

Patrick Grogan is an intern at WGLT. He joined the station in 2021.